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Here are the ramblings and photography of two ex-Londoners out to find their other path in the city, the countryside and the great expanse of Canada.


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Jon and Grace have no awards, reviews (mum doesn't count) or critically-acclaimed novels, but they do have a passion for telling their stories of travelling, living in London and trying to find their way to exploring Canada.

Up until April 2019, both lived and worked in London and spending the majority of their time cycling to and from the office whilst trying not to get run over, stalking charity shops for clothes they don't really need and finding any and all opportunities to get out of the city and into nature. Somewhere along the line they realised it might be a good thing to tell others about it, because who doesn't like talking about themselves?

In early 2018, in an attempt to choose the other path (i.e. not Brexit) they made the bold decision to move to Canada and applied for two year working visas. By June they had their visas in hand and so began the journey of saving every penny, researching camper vans and dreaming about the six months they would spend driving across the width of the country. Here they share their experiences, advice and tips as well as the moments Jon manages to capture with his camera when Grace doesn't accidentally stumble into shot.


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